The Miracle Worker

By : William Gibson

Helen Keller was a ten-year-old girl who suffered from blind, deaf and speech impaired. Helen Keller is the son of Arthur Keller and Keller Catie, she also has a half sister named James and an infant sister. Hellen these limitations make him want to put into a mental hospital. But mother and aunt Hellen did not approve it. So then aunt Hellen suggested that the father sent a letter to Dr.Chisolm in Baltimore to ask mailed a caregiver and teacher for Helen.

 The letter was eventually arrive at Dr. Chisholm and he immediately commissioned Ms. Annie Sullivan to be a caregiver and teacher Hellen. Ny. Sullivan has a background that is almost similar to what happened to Helen. Arriving at the family residence Keller, Ny. Sullivan immediately approached by Hellen. He was locked in his room by Hellen feel disturbed because of his presence. However, the incident did not deter Mrs.Sullivan to nurture and teach Hellen.

One time when the Keller family was eating together, as usual, Hellen take food from the plates with his family members and then eat it. Ny. Sullivan would not do this if Hellen continuously. Finally, he requested that all the family members together Hellen Keller left it in the dining room. Ny. Hellen Sullivan trained in the dining room for some time. This training process is not easy because Ny.Sullivan require great effort in training Hellen, even the training process led to the situation in the dining room becomes a mess. However, these efforts ultimately successful and Hellen was able to feed itself even able to use a plate with a spoon and fork.


This progress did not give a positive response from the Keller family. Keller family was not happy with the way Ny.Sullivan train Hellen. Helen felt her family seemed depressed. This makes them determined to dismiss Mrs. Sullivan. However, Ny. Sullivan insisted to menggasuh and teach Hellen and provide insight to family Hellen Keller that really need it. Additionally Ny. Sullivan also explained that although Hellen senses have limitations, on the other hand he has high intelligence.
After discussing together, agreeing intention akhirrnya Mrs. Keller family. Sullivan taught Helen to care as well as in its own way. Now Mrs. Sullivan and Hellen requested that he be placed in a separate house from Hellen family. A warehouse is located adjacent to the house Helen was eventually turned into a temporary shelter for Ny. Sullivan and Hellen. Before Hellen invited into the house to be used as a residence with Ny. Sullivan, he was invited to tour using the train for hours in order to Hellen feel that the place to be away from home.
Keller gives families a limited period to Mrs. Sullivan Hellen parenting and teaching. At first Helen had felt scared and disturbed. But finally Ny. Sullivan managed to get close and even now he became familiar with Hellen. He teaches Hellen about nouns around it by using a password hand.

Hellen quickly able to use a password that is taught by Mrs. hand. Sullivan, but Helen could not instill the concept of the meaning of the word until the last day for the time given by the Keller family. Then Mrs. Sullivan asked for additional time to the Keller family in caring for and teaching Hellen. Keller family is reluctant to give additional time.
Due to the expiration of the time given to Mrs. Sullivan, Hellenpun again brought home by the Keller family. Until the time comes to eat with family Keller, Hellen back to eating the way he used earlier that eating food from platters family members eat. This makes Ny. Sullivan again insisted to request additional time in order to teach Hellen what has been taught to Hellen does not go away. On the other hand Keller family still refused to provide additional time for Ny. Sullivan. Finally Ny. Hellen Sullivan brought out of the house and into the well pump which is located in front of the Keller family.

Although the Keller family initially did not give up, but the family eventually let it go. After a time, with the water well pump and Hellen finally able to understand what has been taught by Mrs. Sullivan him. The first word is understood hellen "water", and followed by the words of others as requested Mrs Hellen. Sullivan returned to teach what he has not understood. Then Hellenpun grow up and be able to become a famous penngacara though he has many kerterbatasan, and Ny. Sullivan remained a teacher who accompanied him.